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True Story of 12 Desperate Hours

12 Desperate Hours is a heart-wrenching thriller based on a true story. The movie follows the harrowing journey of a mother and her two children, who are kidnapped and held hostage by an unknown captor. As they struggle to keep their courage in the face of danger, they must rely on each other to find freedom.

The intense scenes that follow demonstrate the strength and resilience of the human spirit when faced with adversity. While this story may seem too far-fetched to be true, it is based upon actual events that occurred in 1989 in Colorado Springs. These events became known as “the twelve desperate hours” after the perpetrator was captured within twelve hours of taking his hostages captive.

This powerful movie explores themes of hope, fear and courage amid life-threatening circumstances – all inspired by real people and a real event from almost thirty years ago.

Lifetime is prepared for the release of ’12 Desperate Hours’, its modern-day edge-of-the-seat mystery providing. Lifetime has introduced a few nerve-wracking thrillers before in the shape of ‘Vacation Home Nightmare’, ‘The Walls Are Watching’ and ‘Fit to Kill’. ’12 Desperate Hours’, which vies to be the brand new within the listing, could be released in February.

Directed via Gina Gershon, the Lifetime Original is based on the unconventional by Ann Rule, who stocks the writing credit with Conor Allyn and Benjamin Anderson. The film stars Harrison Thomas, David Conrad, and Samantha Mathis as leads and is stated to be inspired by way of actual activities.

When ’12 Desperate Hours’ premiere?

The Lifetime movie ’12 Desperate Hours’ is ready to top of the line on Saturday, February 25, 2023, at eight/7 c. It could have a runtime of 1 hour and half-hour.

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How are you able to watch ’12 Desperate Hours’?

’12 Desperate Hours’ is a Lifetime Original and can be to be had exclusively at the platform. The film can be watched live, on-call for, and on streaming. The Lifetime App is available on both Google’s Play Store and Apple App Store. The app is likewise available on Amazon Fire TV. Lifetime is also available on ROKU, Google Chromecast, Samsung, Android TV, and Apple TV.

Who stars in ’12 Desperate Hours’?

’12 Desperate Hours’ stars Harrison Thomas as Denny Tuohmy, David Conrad as Mark Jane, Tina Alexis Allen as Francine, Tali Rabinowitz as Cherie, Tamara French as Jessica, Samantha Mathis as Val, Hannah Dunne as Carolee, Jesse C Boyd as Jesse, Leo Cocovinis as Parker and Lanz Duffy as Spencer.

What is the plot of the Lifetime movie ’12 Desperate Hours’?

Based on true story, the movie follows a mom who is held hostage along side her youngsters with the aid of a mysterious man. The intruder has devoted a homicide that morning and forces himself into the woman’s house. In a desperate try to shop her youngsters and her husband, who can be domestic any second, she is going on an unwilling journey as an partner to the killer. She creates a rapport together with her captor and makes use of her wits to try to save the others. The professional synopsis of ’12 Desperate Hours’ on IMDb reads, “It facilities on Val who unearths herself and her younger kids held hostage through Denny while he forces his way into her house after committing murder that day.”

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What is the buzz around ’12 Desperate Hours’?

A quick teaser of the film has been posted by using the leads of the film on social media and it’s been receiving a wonderful response. Many of the fans answered by way of pronouncing they’re eagerly ready to see the thriller.