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The True Crime Story: Above Suspicion

The world of true crime is full of gripping tales that have captured the imagination of millions across the globe. One such story is that of “Above Suspicion,” a book and now a movie based on the real-life events surrounding Mark Putnam, an FBI agent who became embroiled in a scandalous affair with an informant named Susan Smith. The events that unfolded in “Above Suspicion” are nothing short of jaw-dropping. From forbidden love to murder, this true crime story has all the elements of a Hollywood blockbuster but remains rooted in the harsh realities of life.

Is the movie Above Suspicion a true story?

Above Suspicion is a crime film based on the true story of Mark Putnam, an FBI agent who was convicted for killing his informant lover Susan Smith. The movie stars Emilia Clarke as Susan Smith and Jack Huston as Mark Putnam. While the film is based on real events, many aspects of the story were fictionalized for dramatic purposes.

What happened in the movie Above Suspicion?

Mark Putnam was a young, ambitious FBI agent when he was assigned to Pikeville, Kentucky. It was 1987, and the Appalachian mountain town provided a unique challenge for the poster boy of the FBI. He quickly befriended local informant Susan Smith and they began working together on a major drug case. What started as a professional relationship soon turned into an illicit affair.

Putnam’s wife Kathy had stayed behind in Washington D.C., but she soon found out about her husband’s infidelity. She traveled to Kentucky to confront him, but things took a deadly turn. In a fit of rage, Putnam strangled Kathy and dumped her body in the woods.

The story of Mark Putnam and Susan Smith was depicted in Joe Sharkey’s true crime book Above Suspicion, which chronicled the murder investigation that followed. The case sent shockwaves through the small town of Pikeville and ultimately led to Putnam’s downfall as an FBI agent.

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Where is Mark Putnam now?

Mark Putnam, the first FBI agent to ever be convicted of murder, was a man with a promising career and a loving family. However, his life took an unexpected turn when he started an affair with Susan Smith, a small-town informant. The affair quickly turned toxic as Susan became more demanding and manipulative.

One night in 1989, after a heated argument between the two, Putnam strangled Susan to death. He then buried her body in the woods and covered up the crime for months until he eventually confessed to his superiors. Putnam was charged with murder and sentenced to 16 years in prison.

Despite being convicted of such a serious crime, Putnam only served 10 years behind bars due to good behavior. His story has been told in various forms of media including books and movies such as “Above Suspicion”. Many have criticized the FBI’s handling of the case and raised questions about their use of informants. The tragic tale of Mark Putnam serves as a reminder that even those who are meant to uphold justice can succumb to temptation and commit terrible crimes.

Cast, Characters and Plot Summary

The movie revolves around the story of Mark Putnam, an FBI agent, and Susan Smith, an informant. Emilia Clarke plays Susan Smith while Jack Huston portrays Mark Putnam. The cast also includes Sophie Lowe as Kathy Putnam and Johnny Knoxville in a supporting role.

The plot of Above Suspicion follows the real-life events that took place in Pikeville, Kentucky during 1987-88 when Mark Putnam began an affair with his informant Susan Smith. When she became pregnant with his child, things took a turn for the worse and ended up in her murder. Directed by Phillip Noyce, this true crime drama draws attention to corruption within law enforcement agencies and their impact on small communities.

Critical Reception of ‘Above Suspicion’

The film adaptation of Above Suspicion premiered at the 2019 Austin Film Festival. It received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising Emilia Clarke’s performance as Susan Smith and others criticizing the film for its lackluster pacing and underdeveloped characters. Some also felt that the film didn’t do justice to the complexities of the real-life events it was based on.

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Despite its mixed reception, Above Suspicion remains a fascinating look at a tragic and disturbing true crime case that raises questions about power dynamics, corruption, and morality within law enforcement. Its critical reception may be divided, but it still has value as a piece of storytelling that sheds light on an important issue.

Director and Production Team Behind the Movie

Director Phillip Noyce and his production team were the driving forces behind the movie Above Suspicion With an experienced director like Noyce at the helm, viewers can expect skillful storytelling and intense visuals.

The production team for Above Suspicion included cinematographer Elliot Davis, editor Martin Nicholson, and composer Dickon Hinchliffe. Together, they worked to bring Noyce’s vision to life on screen. Davis’ camera work captures the eerie beauty of rural Kentucky while Nicholson expertly pieces together footage to create suspenseful moments that keep audiences on edge. Hinchliffe’s score provides a haunting backdrop that amplifies the tension in key scenes.

Awards and Nominations for ‘Above Suspicion’

The film’s lead actress, Emilia Clarke, has been praised for her portrayal of Susan Smith, the woman at the center of the story. Her performance earned her nominations for Best Actress at both the British Independent Film Awards and the National Film Awards UK. Additionally, “Above Suspicion” was nominated for Best Thriller at the National Film Awards UK.

The movie’s director, Phillip Noyce, is also no stranger to critical acclaim. He has been nominated for two Academy Awards in his career and has directed such classics as “Clear and Present Danger” and “Patriot Games.” His work on “Above Suspicion” showcases his ability to tell a compelling true crime story while maintaining tension throughout. Overall, “Above Suspicion” is a must-see film that highlights some of the best talent in Hollywood today.

Watch Above Suspicion on Netflix

Above Suspicion is not just a gripping crime drama; it’s also an exploration of complex interpersonal relationships and power dynamics. With excellent performances from its cast and a well-crafted storyline, this movie will keep you hooked until its shocking conclusion. So if you’re looking for your next true-crime fix, make sure to check out Above Suspicion on Netflix today!