Ashlee Harmon Story
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Ashlee Harmon’s Story (Unearthing the Journey)

Ashlee Harmon’s story is one of tragedy and forgiveness. She was raised in a small, rural town and faced hardships that included poverty, abuse, addiction, and more. Despite these challenges, she persevered to find joy despite the obstacles that life threw her way.

Harmon and her first husband Emmett Corrigan met at Utah State University in 2003 and fell head over heels for each other. They married young – just after graduating from college – but their marriage was short-lived due to Corrigan’s unexpected death in 2006. The couple had only been married for three years when Corrigan died suddenly of an undiagnosed heart condition.

Through it all, Harmon kept her faith intact as she navigated through grief and eventually found acceptance with the help of friends who supported her emotionally throughout this difficult time period in her life.

Harmon grew up in a fractured home and didn’t want her children to experience the same. She suspected Emmett of cheating, but she was determined to press on with the marriage.

Ashlee Harmon had a difficult upbringing and she wanted to make sure her own children would never experience the same. Growing up in a fractured home, she saw first-hand how damaging it can be for children to witness their parents fighting and struggling – so when her marriage with Emmett began to show signs of trouble, Ashlee was determined not to let that happen. She suspected Emmett was cheating on her but remained focused on providing stability and security for their three young children.

Desperate to save her marriage, Ashlee encouraged Emmett to come with her on an extended overseas vacation in the hope that this time away would strengthen their bond. The trip also gave them both space and perspective as they grappled with the issues that had been causing friction between them.

Ashlee’s hopes of building a solid union with Emmett ended after the husband of a woman he was having an affair with gunned him down. The subsequent investigation featured in Investigation Discovery’s Till Death Us Do Part: Three Pops and a Pause.Ashlee has forgiven her husband’s killer through her Christian faith

Ashlee Harmon and Emmett story

Ashlee Harmon and Emmett are two people whose stories of friendship and resilience will leave you in awe. On the surface, they appear to be ordinary individuals but beneath their humble exterior lies a tale of love, hope, courage and triumph that will redefine your understanding of life. It is the story of how both overcame personal adversity by leaning on each other’s strength and discovering their paths from darkness to light.

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The duo met in high school during a time when Ashlee was struggling with her identity crisis while Emmett was battling depression from past traumas. Despite all the challenges they faced individually, the bond between them grew stronger as they shared similar experiences and encouraged one another to keep pushing forward. This special relationship would eventually become a source of inspiration for both as it enabled them to heal psychologically and spiritually through open dialogue, mutual support and unconditional understanding.

Ashlee’s parents divorced when she was around nine years old, leaving Ashlee and her five siblings to grow up in an unstable home.

Ashlee Harmon has been through more in her life than most people can imagine. Despite the struggles she faced growing up, she was determined to make something of herself and managed to turn her life around.

At nine years old, Ashlee’s parents divorced leaving her and her five siblings in an unstable home. Her mother was unable to provide financial stability and soon after the divorce, Ashlee found herself living with different family members throughout childhood. Faced with uncertainty, Ashlee sought solace in writing as a form of self-expression which quickly became an integral part of who she is today.

With determination and resilience that she never knew possible, Ashlee beat all odds and built a career for herself as an author based on the events of her own tumultuous journey.

She hoped to offer her kids a different experience, but Emmett’s roving eye threatened the couple’s marriage. Harmon suspected Emmett of cheating, but she had no evidence to support her suspicions. Ashlee told Investigation Discovery:

“I started thinking there’s got to be another woman or something, and the kids were starting to say, ‘Does he live here anymore? He’s always at work.’”

On the day of Emmett’s murder, Ashlee had planned a special night for the couple. Emmett arrived home late, started an argument with Ashlee, and left to pick up medicine at a pharmacy. In truth, however, he’d planned a meet-up with his lover and paralegal, Kandi Hall.

Unfortunately, Kandi’s husband, Rob Hall, learned about the meet and took matters into his hands. Rob confronted Emmett and fatally shot him. Ashlee experienced many conflicting emotions after the police broke the news of Emmett’s infidelity and death. She said:

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“Just didn’t make sense, and it was a really a mix of emotions, wondering like, ‘Why wasn’t I enough? Why wasn’t I enough for husband who had a moment and a chance?’ I begged him to stay home and fight for me, but instead, he died fighting for someone else’s wife.”

Ashlee looked to the heavens for answers, and as she prayed in her closet, a voice said, “Find forgiveness and peace,” and that’s precisely what she did. She forgave her husband’s killer through prayer, meditation, and writing.

“Other people are not in charge of my pain. I know that now,” Ashlee told author Jason Wright. “Forgiveness is a process and we can’t take a magic pill and think, ‘OK, I finally forgave! It’s a continual journey and we cannot do it alone.”

Harmon forgave and found peace by immersing herself in religion. “It’s a journey to build a relationship with the One who can – and always will – heal us,” she added. “A stronger commitment to trust His plan and believe Him when He promised that He would always be with me.”

Ashlee has written a book titled The Moments We Stand and is the founder of the non-profit A Reason to Stand. “A non-profit conference offering HEALING and HOPE for anyone who has ever felt broken,” the organization’s Instagram page reads.

Ashlee has remarried and has two kids with her husband, Scott Boyson

Ashlee Harmon family

For years after Emmett’s murder, Ashlee raised her five children as a single mother. At Rob’s sentencing hearing, she stated that by murdering Emmett, Rob had ended her family.

The family became complete again after Ashlee met Scott Boyson and married him. The couple lives in Utah and has welcomed two children.

Ashlee holds motherhood dear and documents her parenting on an Instagram page titled Here Is The Deal. “With a degree in Child Development and 7 kids, I love learning all things parenting – from baby sleep to raising teenagers,” the page’s description reads.

Harmon lives a life surrounded by love, but it’s tough to ignore the tragedy that changed her life. She’s written notes to Robert and Kandi Hall but never sent them. Writing them gives her peace.

She hopes that, like her, Robert and Kandi can find healing in the Christian religion. She told Jason F. Wright:

“Every one of us can have our lives shattered. But with the Lord near us, we’ll be all right. Without Him we’ll break, but with Him, we’ll break through.”