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The Story Behind ‘Can You See Us Movie’

Can You See Us Movie is a groundbreaking film that brings the untapped talent pool of the Zambian film industry to the forefront? With a cast of fresh faces, this movie shatters stereotypes and showcases the immense potential within Zambia’s entertainment landscape. Inspired by actual events, the story delves into the struggles and triumphs of individuals determined to make their mark in an industry dominated by established names.

What Makes ‘Can You See Us Movie’ Truly Special?

What makes Can You See Us a movie exceptional is its ability to transcend borders and resonate with global audiences. While it may be one of Netflix’s first ventures into Zambian cinema, it is undoubtedly a powerful testament to the universality of human experiences. The raw emotions portrayed on screen are relatable regardless of one’s cultural background or geographical location, reminding us that dreams are universal and talent knows no boundaries.

What is ‘Can You See Us Movie’ About?

Can You See Us is a film that sheds light on the struggles and triumphs of individuals with albinism in Zambia? The movie follows the story of a young boy who navigates a world where he is often ostracised and discriminated against due to his condition. The journey shows how society’s ignorance and preconceived notions about albinism can perpetuate harm and exclusion.

This film provides an essential platform for raising awareness about the challenges faced by people with albinism in Zambia and beyond. It highlights their resilience, strength, and ability to overcome adversity. Can You See Us also serves as a potent reminder that everyone deserves love, acceptance, and the opportunity to pursue their dreams, regardless of physical appearance or abilities.

Is ‘Can You See Us Movie ‘ Based on a True Story?

According to the text on the screen at the beginning of the film, Can You See The Life of John Chiti, a famous Zambian singer with albinism, inspired us. This immediately sets the tone for a powerful and thought-provoking story. While albino representation in mainstream media is still scarce, this film takes a step forward in shedding light on their experiences.

‘Can You See US Movie ‘Cast Netflix?

In the highly anticipated film Can You See Us, George Sikazwe assumes the pivotal role of older Joseph, adding depth and complexity to the character. With his commanding presence onscreen, Sikazwe effortlessly captures the challenges faced by Joseph as he navigates adulthood. His portrayal resonates with authenticity and brings a profound sense of vulnerability.

Joining Sikazwe is Ruth Jule, who embraces the role of Joseph’s mother, Chama, with emotional intensity and nuance. Jule infuses each scene she appears in with maternal love and quiet strength, creating a compelling dynamic between her character and older Joseph. Her powerful performance adds depth to the narrative’s exploration of family bonds and sacrifice.

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Kangwa Chileshe steps into the shoes of Jose, capturing his youthful energy and innocence effortlessly. Through his engaging portrayal, Chileshe imbues Jose with an endearing charm that draws audiences in. As we follow Jose’s journey alongside older Joseph, Chileshe’s performance offers a unique perspective on growth and self-discovery.

Together, these talented actors breathe life into their respective characters in Can You See Us, enhancing both the individual stories at play within the film and its overall message about identity, belonging, and holding onto hope even in challenging circumstances. Their performances add another layer of authenticity to an already captivating story.

Cast list

  • Thabo Kaamba as Young Joseph
  • George Sikazwe as Older Joseph
  • Kangwa Chileshe as Kennedy
  • Ruth Jule as Chama
  • Kondwani Elliott Zulu as Martin
  • Grace Rumsey as Brenda
  • Francisca M. Muchangwe as Jenifer
  • Mosiska Tembo Chanda as Mai Kennedy
  • Meta Tshiamala as Pheli
  • Chibwe Katebe as Ba John
  • Chipego M. Mwiinga as Sharon Young
  • Marie Ndhlovu as Older Sharon

All About John Chiti

Joseph, the main character of the highly anticipated 2023 Netflix movie Can You See Us, is an intriguing character based on the real-life experiences of talented Zambian singer and songwriter John Chiti. Chiti’s journey in the music industry has been remarkable, filled with triumphs and challenges.

There are few sources on the Internet telling the true story of John Chiti, but a close friend published one of the most intriguing biographies on Facebook. This exclusive account dives deep into John’s childhood, early struggles, and rise to fame in the music industry. It reveals how his passion for music was ingrained in him from a young age, stemming from his humble beginnings in a small village.

He has albinism, grew up in Ndola, Zambia, and was rejected by his father.

He started his primary education in 1992, but like other children born with albinism around the country, he faced severe discrimination from his peers and teachers. Being different was not easy, and it seemed as if ignorance fueled the mistreatment he endured daily. He was subjected to taunts, name-calling, and isolation when he stepped onto the school grounds. His lack of pigmentation seemed to spark fear and confusion among his classmates.

When he moved to a different school for his junior secondary education in 2000, things drastically improved for him. The new environment suited him well, and he had no trouble fitting in. Gone were the days of feeling like an outsider or struggling to make friends. He found that people were more accepting and welcoming in this new setting.

Not only did his social life flourish, but so did his academic performance. The change in scenery brought about a renewed motivation within him. He was surrounded by teachers who believed in his potential and classmates who inspired him to strive for success. As a result, he started excelling in his studies and discovered a passion for learning.

The move to the new school transformed his educational experience and shaped who he became. It taught him resilience and adaptability, showing him that sometimes all it takes is a change of environment to unlock one’s full potential. This pivotal moment set the stage for many future successes and became the catalyst for pursuing his dreams with unwavering determination.

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Chiti started his music career in high school when he joined a musical band and became the lead singer. There were times when he could even leave the audience speechless with his powerful and soulful voice. His passion for music grew stronger as he continued performing at local gigs and events, gaining recognition and love from fans.

In 2005, after completing high school, he boldly decided to pursue a music career. Little did he know that this choice would completely change the trajectory of his life. With sheer determination and passion, he dedicated himself to honing his craft and perfecting his musical abilities.

It was a challenging journey, though. He faced numerous challenges along the way, from financial struggles to self-doubt. But through it all, his unwavering belief in himself and his talent kept him going. And then came the breakthrough in 2007 when he won a recording contract – confirming that all his hard work had finally paid off.

He had his break on the local music scene after releasing hit songs such as Ifindingile and Ngoleya. These two tracks received so much airplay that they quickly became fan favourites. The catchy beats and relatable lyrics resonated with listeners, propelling him into the spotlight and cementing his place in the industry.

As word spread about this rising star, major record labels started noticing. They recognised his talent and his ability to connect with people through music. Offers began pouring in, and he eventually signed with a renowned label that would provide him with the resources to take his career to new heights.

In 2008, an incredibly talented artist named John emerged as a rising star in Zambia. His unique blend of soulful melodies and vibrant lyrics captured the hearts of many, earning him the esteemed Zambia Ngoma Awards for the best upcoming artist. This recognition marked a significant milestone in his musical journey and highlighted his ability to captivate audiences with his powerful performances.

Today, John Chiti is a testament to the power of faith and passion. From the humble beginnings of his musical journey, he has evolved into an established artist in African gospel music, connecting his deep-rooted spirituality with his creative expression. With a successful career spanning over two decades, John Chiti is not only known for his soul-stirring melodies but also for being a devoted husband and father.

As he navigates through life’s ups and downs, John often finds inspiration in the love he feels from his family. His marriage and two children have become support pillars, grounding him in gratitude and a constant reminder of the blessings bestowed upon him. This profound love permeates his music, infusing it with an undeniable authenticity that resonates deeply with African listeners.