Cinderella Fairy Tale Folk Tale

Cinderella Fairy Tale (Folk Tale Illustrated with Pictures)


Once upon a time, in a kingdom nestled between rolling hills and sparkling rivers, there lived a young girl named Cinderella. She was known far and wide for her gentle nature, kindness, and radiant beauty.

Cinderella’s story began in a picturesque cottage on the outskirts of a bustling town. In this cottage, she lived with her loving parents. Her father, a skilled woodworker, crafted the most exquisite furniture, and her mother was known for her enchanting garden.

Cinderella's parents

Cinderella’s mother often told her stories of kindness and courage, instilling in her daughter a deep sense of goodness. She would say, “Cinderella, my dear, always remember that kindness can light up even the darkest of places.”

Cinderella's mother

One fateful day, Cinderella’s life took a tragic turn. Her beloved mother fell seriously ill and, despite the best efforts of the kingdom’s healers, she passed away. Cinderella and her father mourned deeply, and their cottage lost some of its magic without her presence.

In time, Cinderella’s father remarried, hoping to provide his daughter with the care and companionship she deserved. However, fate had a different plan. His new wife, Lady Tremaine, was a woman of great beauty but little kindness.

Lady Tremaine had two daughters from a previous marriage, Anastasia and Drizella. They were like night and day compared to Cinderella – spoiled, self-centered, and far from gentle.

Anastasia and Drizella

From the moment they moved into the cottage, Lady Tremaine’s true colors emerged. She favored her own daughters over Cinderella, and the warmth that once filled the home was replaced by a chill. Cinderella, however, remained steadfast in her kindness, hoping to mend the fractured bonds of her family.

Despite the difficulties at home, Cinderella continued to find solace in the natural world around her. She would spend hours tending to her mother’s garden, surrounded by vibrant blooms and the gentle songs of the birds.

Cinderella in the garden

Her gentle heart extended to all creatures, and she befriended the wildlife that inhabited the nearby woods, including a pair of clever mice named Gus and Jaq.

Cinderella with mice

One day, a royal proclamation swept through the kingdom, carried by the excited voices of the town criers. Prince Charming, the heir to the throne, was seeking a bride, and to find his future queen, he would host a grand royal ball. Every maiden in the kingdom was invited, and the news sent ripples of excitement through the towns and villages.

Cinderella’s heart danced with the possibility of attending the ball. The thought of meeting the prince, who was known for his kindness and charm, filled her with a gentle hope. However, her stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizella, had other plans. They were convinced that they were destined to win the prince’s heart and immediately set to work preparing for the ball.

Cinderella, ever the caring soul, helped her stepsisters with their gowns and hairstyles, even as her own heart yearned for a chance to attend the ball.

Cinderella helping stepsisters

As the day of the royal ball drew near, Cinderella’s life became a whirlwind of chores and preparations. Her stepsisters grew increasingly demanding, and Lady Tremaine’s expectations seemed to have no bounds.

Cinderella's chores

One evening, as Cinderella was finishing her chores, she heard a soft, melodic voice coming from the garden. She followed the enchanting sound and, to her astonishment, discovered a shimmering figure in the moonlight – her fairy godmother.

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Fairy godmother

“My dear Cinderella,” spoke the fairy godmother, “why do you seem so melancholy on this beautiful evening?”

Cinderella, tears in her eyes, shared her deepest longing with the fairy godmother. She spoke of the royal ball and her fervent desire to attend, even if just for one magical night.

Cinderella sharing her wish

The fairy godmother’s eyes twinkled with understanding. With a graceful wave of her wand, she transformed Cinderella’s tattered and dusty attire into a gown of breathtaking splendor. The dress shimmered like starlight, adorned with delicate lace and intricate embroidery.

Cinderella's transformation

Cinderella gasped in wonder, hardly recognizing herself in the radiant reflection of her mother’s mirror. The fairy godmother wasn’t finished, though. She conjured a pair of glass slippers that sparkled with ethereal beauty, and, with a wave of her wand, she transformed a humble pumpkin into a magnificent carriage.

For horses, the fairy godmother turned a pair of ordinary mice into magnificent steeds, and a plump rat became the coachman, complete with a smart uniform.

Mice and coachman

Before Cinderella departed, the fairy godmother imparted a gentle warning: “My dear, remember that the magic shall fade at the stroke of midnight. You must leave the royal ball before then, for your true identity shall be revealed.”

Fairy godmother's warning

Cinderella promised to heed her fairy godmother’s advice and set off in her enchanted carriage for the royal palace, heart aflutter with excitement.

Cinderella in the carriage

As she arrived at the palace, a sense of awe overcame Cinderella. The grandeur and splendor of the royal palace were beyond anything she had ever imagined. As she descended from her carriage, her beauty and grace did not go unnoticed. Prince Charming himself, standing at the entrance, was struck by her radiant presence.

Cinderella at the palace

The prince extended his hand, inviting her to be his partner for the grand opening dance. Cinderella, feeling like the luckiest person in the world, accepted with a smile that could melt the iciest of hearts.

Cinderella and Prince Charming

They danced together as if in a dream, their laughter and conversation filling the night air. Cinderella felt as though she was floating on air, and for a time, the cares and worries of her life melted away.

Cinderella dancing with the prince

However, as the night wore on and the clock on the palace wall struck each passing hour, Cinderella remembered her fairy godmother’s warning and the magic that had transformed her life.

With a sense of urgency, she left the prince’s side and hurried from the grand ballroom. As the clock struck midnight, her beautiful gown began to shimmer and fade, returning to rags. She fled from the palace, leaving behind a single glass slipper on the grand staircase.

Cinderella leaving the palace

Cinderella returned home, her heart heavy with the memory of the magical night. She knew that she could never forget the prince, but she also knew that her stepmother and stepsisters would never allow her to see him again.

The following day, as Cinderella was once again tending to her endless chores, a messenger arrived at the door. He held in his hand a beautiful glass slipper, the very one that Cinderella had worn to the ball. The prince had declared that he would marry the maiden whose foot fit the slipper.

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Anastasia and Drizella eagerly tried to force their feet into the delicate shoe, but it was clear that the slipper was too small for them. Lady Tremaine, desperate to have one of her daughters chosen as the prince’s bride, insisted that Cinderella try on the slipper.

Cinderella’s heart raced as she approached the messenger. She knew that the slipper would fit her, but she also knew that her stepmother would never allow it. To her surprise, the messenger insisted that Cinderella be given the chance to try on the slipper.

Cinderella trying the slipper

As she slipped her foot into the glass slipper, it fit perfectly, just as the prince had remembered. Cinderella’s true identity was revealed, and she was taken to the royal palace to be reunited with the prince.

The prince was overjoyed to see Cinderella again, and he declared that she was the one he had been searching for. They were married in a grand ceremony, and Cinderella’s stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizella, were left to ponder their jealousy and cruelty.

Cinderella and the prince reunited

Cinderella and the prince lived happily ever after, ruling the kingdom with kindness and grace. Cinderella’s belief in the power of goodness and her unwavering kindness had brought her the happiness she so richly deserved.

Cinderella and the prince's wedding

And so, the tale of Cinderella teaches us that no matter the hardships we face, kindness and goodness will always prevail in the end. It reminds us that a good heart and a kind soul can lead us to our own happily ever after.


Cinderella is a beloved fairy tale about a kind and gentle young woman who overcomes adversity to find her happily ever after. The story begins with a beautiful girl named Cinderella, who is mistreated by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters after the death of her father. Despite her hardships, Cinderella remains sweet and good-hearted.

One day, an invitation to the royal ball arrives, but her stepmother forbids her to go. With the help of her fairy godmother, Cinderella is magically transformed and provided with a beautiful gown, glass slippers, and a carriage to attend the ball. The fairy godmother’s only condition is that she must return home before midnight when the magic will wear off.

At the ball, Cinderella captures the heart of the prince, and they dance the night away. However, as the clock strikes midnight, she rushes home, leaving behind a glass slipper. The prince is determined to find the mysterious beauty who stole his heart and sets out on a quest to find the owner of the slipper.

Cinderella’s stepmother tries to prevent her from trying on the slipper, but with the help of some helpful animals and her resilience, she eventually fits into the glass slipper. The prince recognizes her, and they are reunited. They marry, and Cinderella’s kindness triumphs over her past hardships, leading to a life of love and happiness.

The story of Cinderella teaches us about the power of kindness, resilience, and the belief that goodness will ultimately prevail. It has enchanted generations of readers and continues to be a timeless tale of hope and transformation.