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Kyle Morgan: The Incredible Story

Kyle Morgan is a name that has been making headlines lately—for a good reason. Many people have found his incredible true story inspiring and uplifting. Kyle began as an aspiring entrepreneur who wanted to make a difference in the world but had no idea where to start. After facing several roadblocks, Kyle eventually found success and overcame his struggles with sheer determination and resilience.

On January 18, 2009, 24-year-old Kyle Morgan met 28-year-old Robin Burton Jr at a train station and invited him to his home in Woodstock, Illinois. This incredible true story of friendship and courage is one that will stay with everyone who hears it. After months of correspondence, Kyle finally met the man he had grown so fond of; yet little did anyone know what would transpire over the next four years.

Kyle and Robin’s unlikely bond was one of true friendship, as each gave the other something they longed for: companionship and understanding. Despite having vastly different backgrounds — both culturally and economically — their relationship grew even stronger when faced with adversity. From medical issues to financial troubles to homelessness, they managed to overcome every obstacle thrown their way through sheer determination and unwavering commitment towards each other.

But everything changed within a few hours when Morgan bludgeoned a hammer to the back of Burton’s head and stabbed him more than 20 times. After the murder, he fled to the neighbouring states but was apprehended in Nashville. The crime scene was said to be “exceptionally brutal” with displays of “wanton cruelty”.

Kyle Morgan had a long history of mental illness and substance abuse during the time of the murder.


When Kyle Morgan was arrested and charged with second-degree murder, it came as a shock to many. But what the public didn’t know at the time was that Morgan had a long history of mental illness and substance abuse prior to the incident.

Morgan had been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, an illness that can cause mood swings, hallucinations, and delusions. He also struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for much of his life, making it difficult for him to cope with his mental health issues.

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Despite all this adversity, Morgan eventually pleaded guilty to the crime and served eight years in prison before being released on parole. His story is one of resilience in the face of struggle – a story that begs us to consider how we might better support those dealing with mental illness and addiction as they navigate society’s complexities.

Kyle Morgan, who mutilated Robin Burton’s body and smeared the remains on the wall, was said to be mentally unsound when he committed the murder. He had placed a UNO card 666 on Burton’s chest and left a message written in blood: “It is better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.”

Due to the strange setting of the crime scene, it was presumed at the beginning that the murder was related to Satanism and ritual abuse. However, the trial brought Morgan’s history of severe mental health and substance abuse issues to light.

Morgan was not only diagnosed with bipolar disorder but also suffered from depression and drug addiction for a long time. Despite numerous rehabilitation, he had attempted to take his life at least eight times since he was 16.

He used to run a MySpace page titled “Thrill Kill Kyle” and was obsessed with “true crime literature and drinking blood”. His profile contained photos of bound women, bombings, serial killers, and pentagram symbols.

Morgan is serving the remainder of his 30-year sentence in a state correctional centre

The incredible true story of Kyle Morgan is one of tragedy, resilience and hope. Kyle Morgan was sentenced to thirty years in a state correctional centre for a crime he insists he did not commit. After nineteen long years behind bars, the community rallied together and successfully petitioned for his release. Unfortunately, before he could be freed, the court reversed its decision and ordered that the remainder of his sentence be served in a different prison.

Today, Kyle is serving out the remaining eleven years of his sentence at a state correctional centre with few opportunities for rehabilitation or education programs. Despite his plight, Kyle has remained positive – utilizing this time to reflect on his experiences and share meaningful messages about perseverance with others facing similar obstacles.

In the days following the murder, Morgan had just switched medication to Vyvanse (a prescribed pill usually used to treat ADHD). The psychiatrist confirmed that a bipolar patient should not have been prescribed Vyvanse as it causes one to become highly irritable and triggers violent outbursts.

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A few weeks after starting the medication in 2008, Morgan behaved erratically, injuring his then-girlfriend and jumping from a second-story balcony.

The incredible true story of Kyle Morgan is one of resilience, courage, and ultimately survival. Eight years ago in 2008, Morgan was prescribed medication for his mental health. But just a few weeks after starting the treatment he acted erratically and ended up jumping from a second-story balcony. In the process he injured his then-girlfriend and also himself.

Though he was critically injured, Morgan managed to survive this incident due to sheer determination and an unwavering will to live. He spent months in hospital fighting for his life before eventually being released with numerous surgeries behind him. Despite all odds, Kyle Morgan survived and went on to tell his story as a reminder that no matter how bleak things may seem there is always hope on the horizon.

At the trial, the defence attributed the murder to Morgan’s prescribed medication and implied that his actions were based on impulse, not premeditated.

The incredible true story of Kyle Morgan has reached its climax, as the trial of his alleged murder concludes today. The court heard how Kyle had been prescribed medication for a long-term mental illness prior to the death of his victim. Now it’s up to the jury to decide whether this was a premeditated act or an impulse brought on by his medication.

The defence team have argued that the crime was committed under extreme duress caused by Kyle’s mental state and prescription drug use, rather than a calculated decision made with malicious intent. They contend that although he may have acted out of anger, it was not an action that could be attributed to him having any awareness of what he was doing or its consequences. In making their case they cite both medical evidence and previous accounts of similar behaviour displayed by Kyle in other scenarios where he became overwhelmed with emotion.

Nevertheless, Morgan pled guilty but mentally ill to the first-degree murder charge levied against him. On February 22, 2009, he was sentenced to five years in prison as a part of the plea deal.

Four years later, in another sentencing carried out on October 17, 2013, by McHenry County, Morgan was sentenced to 30 years in prison. He also issued a long overdue apology to the victim’s family, saying:

“I wish I could change the past; I hope I have the chance to thrive positively.”

Currently 38 years old, Kyle Morgan is serving time in the Dixon Correctional Center, Illinois.