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Is Loved To Death Movie Based on True Story?

True crime stories have become increasingly popular over recent years, with audiences drawn to real-life events and their shocking outcomes. Loved To Death certainly feels like it could be based on true events, but is this really the case? In this article, we will explore whether Loved To Death is indeed based on a true story or if it’s purely fictional.

What the Movie Loved to Death about?

Loved To Death is a 2019 Lifetime movie that tells the story of Monica and Jackson’s relationship. The film stars Malinda Williams as Monica and McKinley Freeman as Jackson.It explores real-life issues like financial struggles, toxic relationships, and mental health.

Monica and Jackson’s relationship starts off well after they meet over a pair of dropped keys. However, things take a turn for the worse when they move in together and struggle to make ends meet. They face mounting bills and debt, which puts pressure on their already strained relationship. As the stress builds up, their love turns into obsession.

The movie portrays how toxic relationships can be damaging to one’s mental health. It shows how easily one can become trapped in an unhealthy situation without realizing it at first. Although Loved To Death may not be based on a true story, it offers an important message about recognizing warning signs in relationships before it’s too late.

In the movie, Monica finds herself in a toxic and abusive relationship with Jackson. Despite her love for him, she realizes that she needs to leave for her own safety. However, leaving is easier said than done when one feels threatened and insecure.

It is not uncommon for victims of abuse to feel trapped and helpless in their situation. It takes courage to seek help and support from others, as Monica does when she turns to Dre for comfort and connection. Through their shared faith and mutual understanding of the power of forgiveness, Dre offers Monica a way out of her abusive relationship

Is Loved To Death Movie Based on True Story?

Many people have been wondering if the 2019 movie “Loved To Death” is based on a true story. While the plot may seem too dramatic to be true, it is actually inspired by real events. Loved To Death was based on the true story of the San Rafael Toll Bridge Slayings.

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On August 11, 2009 Nathan Burris drove to the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge toll plaza and shot and killed his ex-girlfriend Deborah Ross and her friend Ersie Everette Jr., Burris said Thursday in court.

Burris was portrayed as a possessive and jealous ex-boyfriend who couldn’t handle his former girlfriend moving on with someone else. He felt threatened by Everette’s relationship with Ross and ultimately killed him. Burris justified his actions by claiming it was within his constitutional rights to defend himself against a perceived threat.

However, in reality, there is no legal basis for Burris’ claim of self-defense. The right to use lethal force is only granted when an individual reasonably believes that their life is in immediate danger. In this case, Everette posed no physical threat to Burris and was simply in a romantic relationship with Ross.

Nathan Burris’ heinous act of violence at the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge toll plaza in 2009 shook the entire community. His ex-girlfriend Deborah Ross and her friend were killed in cold blood, leaving a trail of devastation and sorrow behind. The incident was widely reported by local news outlets, with many seeking answers to what could have led Nathan to commit such a brutal crime.

However, it is important to note that while the movie draws inspiration from real-life events, it is not an accurate depiction of what happened on that fateful day in August 2009. Nevertheless, the case remains a tragic reminder of how domestic violence can escalate into something much more sinister without proper intervention and support.

Where was the movie Loved to Death made?

The 2019 movie Loved To Death was filmed on location in Los Angeles, California. The city provides an ideal backdrop for the film’s dark and ominous themes, with its sprawling urban landscape and diverse neighborhoods. From the neon lights of Hollywood to the gritty streets of South Central, Los Angeles adds a layer of authenticity to the story.

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The Cast of the Movie

Loved To Death is a TV movie that premiered on TV One in 2019. It is an original screenplay written by Chad Quinn and directed by Lee Davis.

The production team for Loved To Death was led by Asylum Productions, with David Rimawi serving as executive producer alongside David Michael as producer. Scotty Mullen was responsible for writing the script while Lee Davis brought it to life through his direction. Overall, Loved To Death offers an engaging storyline that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats while also providing insight into important societal issues.

As Executive Producer in Charge-of-Production for TV One, Karen Peterkin has overseen the production of numerous films and television shows. Most recently, she played a key role in bringing the movie “Loved To Death” to audiences. The film tells the story of a couple whose relationship takes a dark turn when they become obsessed with each other, leading to deadly consequences.

Donyell Kennedy-McCullough, Senior Director of Talent & Casting at TV One, was also instrumental in bringing “Loved To Death” to life. With her extensive experience in casting, she helped assemble a talented cast that included actors such as Malinda Williams and MC Lyte. Kennedy-McCullough’s eye for talent has been an asset to TV One on many projects over the years.

Brigitte McCray is Senior Vice President of Original Programming at TV One. In this role, she oversees the development and production of all original content for the network. Under her leadership, TV One has produced a wide range of successful movies and series that have resonated with audiences across the country. With “Loved To Death,” McCray continued her track record of delivering compelling programming that keeps viewers engaged from start to finish.

  • McKinley Freeman : Jackson
  • Malinda Williams : Monica
  • Tobias Truvillion : Dre
  • Chrystee Pharris : Courtney
  • MC Lyte : Tiffany
  • Ernest Lee Thomas : Pastor
  • Birgundi Baker : Megan
  • Monique Parent : Rose
  • Jeryl Prescott : Mom
  • Lamont Thompson : Detective Marks
  • Maurice G. Smith : Charles
  • Rico E. Anderson : Detective Marks
  • Lynn A. Freedman : Brittany
  • Noelle Bellinghausen : Officer Amy