movie maudie true story

Movie Maudie True Story

“Movie Maudie True Story” is a biographical film that tells the captivating story of Canadian artist, Maud Lewis. Born in 1903 with physical disabilities, Maud grew up in poverty and faced many challenges throughout her life. However, despite these obstacles, she developed an extraordinary talent for painting and became one of Canada’s most beloved folk artists.

Movie Maudie True Story. What is the story behind the movie Maudie?

Maud Lewis was a Canadian folk artist who lived most of her life in poverty and physical pain due to rheumatoid arthritis. She grew up in Nova Scotia and married Everett Lewis, a fish peddler, in 1938. Maud painted on anything she could find, including the walls of their tiny house, which became a canvas for her colorful and whimsical paintings.

The film follows Maud’s struggles as she tries to make a living off her paintings while dealing with an abusive husband who treats her more like a servant than a wife. Sally Hawkins delivers an outstanding performance as the titular character, skillfully portraying both the physical limitations and emotional turmoil that Maud had to endure throughout her life. Ethan Hawke gives an equally impressive performance as Everett Lewis, capturing the complexity of his character’s personality as he evolves from gruff outsider to devoted husband.

After her husband’s death, Maud continued to paint and sell her artwork from their home until she gained recognition as an artist by the local community. Her art was eventually discovered by collectors across Canada and the United States, making her one of Canada’s most beloved artists.

What kind of paint did Maud Lewis use?

Despite the lack of quality materials, Maud Lewis was able to create stunning works of art using whatever paints and brushes she could find. Her paintings were known for their bright colors and charming simplicity, often depicting rural landscapes and animals. Even with limited resources, her passion for painting never wavered.

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Using oil-based boat and house paint presented a unique challenge for Maud as it was not intended for use on canvas. However, she adapted to the medium and used it to her advantage, creating thick layers of paint that added texture to her work. Her brushes were usually worn down from constant use but she made do with what she had, often using them until they were nearly unusable.

Maud’s determination to create art despite limited resources is a testament to her dedication and love for painting. Her ability to turn humble materials into beautiful works of art has inspired many artists around the world.

What was Maudie’s disability?

Maudie is about Maud Dowley (Sally Hawkins), who suffers from crippling arthritis and has always struggled to walk normally because of a birth defect.

Despite her physical limitations, Maud Dowley had a deep passion for painting. She taught herself to paint using whatever materials were available, including scraps of wood and leftover house paint. Despite having no formal training, her unique style and use of vibrant colors caught the attention of many people in her small town in Nova Scotia. She suffers from crippling arthritis and has always struggled to walk normally because of a birth defect.

Was Everett abusive to Maudie?

However, the reality behind Maud and Everett’s relationship wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. In fact, it was quite tumultuous. While the movie portrays their relationship as a lovely love story, there are hints of abuse sprinkled throughout.

In real life, Maud suffered physical and emotional abuse at the hands of Everett. He was known to be a heavy drinker and would often beat her when he came home drunk. Despite this, Maud continued to paint and sell her artwork while living with him in a small house in Nova Scotia.

It wasn’t until after Everett’s death that the true extent of their abusive relationship came to light. Yet despite everything she went through, Maud persevered and became an icon in Canadian folk art history. The movie may have romanticized their love story but it cannot erase the truth about what really happened between them behind closed doors.

How long was Maudie married?

Their marriage lasted 32 years, until Maud’s death in 1970.

What happened to Maudie’s husband?

Maudie’s life took a tragic turn when her husband Everett was killed during an attempted robbery of their house in 1979. The incident left Maudie devastated and alone, having lost the love of her life. It also had a profound impact on her art, as she began to paint more somber and introspective pieces.

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In the years following Everett’s death, Maudie gained national recognition for her work and became known as one of Canada’s most prolific folk artists. She continued to paint until her death in 1970 at the age of 67, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire artists around the world today.

Did Maudie have a child?

yes, Catherine Dowley

What happened to Maudie’s daughter?

Her older brother, Charles, claimed the family inheritance and made no provision for his only sibling. This left Maud with few options but to marry Everett Lewis, a reclusive fish peddler looking for a housekeeper. Despite their initially tumultuous relationship, Maud and Everett eventually fell in love and married in 1938.

What happened at the end of Maudie?

She was married and lived in a nice home and has a husband who takes care of her. Her statement reveals an appreciation for life that many people take for granted. Despite being limited physically, Maud recognizes the value of being alive and healthy. This realization highlights her contentment with what she has rather than focusing on what she does not have.

How old was Maud Lewis when she died?

67 years (1903–1970)

The Cast

  • Sally Hawkins as Maud Lewis
  • Ethan Hawke as Everett Lewis
  • Kari Matchett as Sandra
  • Gabrielle Rose as Aunt Ida
  • Zachary Bennett as Charles Dowley
  • Billy MacLellan as Frank Carter

Why this movie is a must-see

  1.  Sally Hawkins’ Compelling Performance: Sally Hawkins delivers an outstanding performance in the lead role, portraying Maud Lewis with authenticity and depth.
  2.  Ethan Hawke’s Supporting Role: Ethan Hawke also shines in his supporting role as Everett Lewis, Maud’s gruff and difficult husband.
  3. Beautiful Cinematography: The film’s cinematography captures the rugged beauty of Nova Scotia, where the real-life Maud Lewis lived and painted her famous artworks.
  4. A Story of Perseverance: The movie tells an inspiring story of perseverance against all odds, as Maud overcomes poverty, disability, and abusive relationships to achieve success as an artist.
  5. Heartwarming Love Story: While the film portrays some dark themes, it is ultimately a heartwarming love story between two flawed but lovable characters who find happiness together despite their hardships.

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