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The Strangest Real Story : Cocaine Bear

Have you ever heard of the strange real story of “Cocaine Bear”? You may be familiar with some of the most famous urban legends, but this one takes the cake. The bizarre tale involves a 175 pound black bear, a load of drugs, and an unexpected ending. It’s one of those stories that you can’t help but shake your head at.

What is the real story behind Cocaine Bear?

Andrew Thornton was a convicted drug smuggler who died in a parachuting accident in September 1985. He had set out from Miami, Florida with the intention of smuggling cocaine into the United States from Colombia. He intended to parachute out of the plane and leave the drugs behind for someone else to pick up. However, after exiting his plane at 17,000 feet, something went wrong and he fatally crashed in Georgia, leaving behind five bundles of cocaine all weighing about 50 kilograms each. Afterward, one bundle was found by a black bear that had wandered into the area and consumed it.

The bear became known as “Cocaine Bear” or “Pablo Escobear” because of its illegal cargo and this particular incident also became part of pop culture lore as well as being widely discussed on social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit. The story has even been turned into a movie called “A Bear Tale: The True Story Behind Cocaine Bear”.

The bear’s death sparked much debate over whether or not animals should be allowed to consume illegal drugs without consequence – some argued that if an animal could be held accountable for its actions then why couldn’t humans? Ultimately though this debate came to nothing as Andrew Thornton’s body was never recovered and no further information about him ever surfaced again.

Where is the real Cocaine Bear?

The real story of Cocaine Bear is a bizarre one. In 1985, a black bear was found dead in Clay County, Kentucky near the Appalachian Trail. The cause of death? Overdosing on cocaine! When officials tested the bear’s stomach contents, they found traces of seven unopened packages containing about 22 pounds of pure cocaine. It was speculated that drug traffickers had likely been transporting the drugs in backpacks and when they heard the bear approaching, they dropped the packs to escape detection.

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No one knows how long Cocaine Bear wandered around with its drug-laden belly before it succumbed to an overdose, but what’s clear is that this incident served as inspiration for other movies and songs ever since. As far as finding out where Cocaine Bear actually is now – unfortunately no one knows for sure. Some reports suggest that it may have been stuffed and put in a museum while others speculate that it may have been disposed of by authorities due to its drug-related history or sent away for further testing. Unfortunately without any concrete evidence or records from 1985 it seems like we’ll never know what happened to Cocaine Bear exactly – all we can do is speculate about its fate!

Did Cocaine Bear kill anyone?

The mysterious death of Cocaine Bear has been a source of speculation ever since. Some believe that he may have died from being unable to metabolize the drugs while others suggest that he could have poisoned himself by eating contaminated food nearby.

Despite all this speculation, there is no evidence to suggest that Cocaine Bear killed anyone during his lifetime. In fact, it’s highly unlikely considering how little time the bear spent on Earth before his untimely passing. However, what we do know is that his story serves as a stark reminder about the dangers of illegal drug use and trafficking in our national parks today.

How long did Cocaine Bear Live?

The exact amount of time Cocaine Bear lived is unknown; however, some reports suggest it could have been anywhere between several hours to several days. It’s likely that the bear died due to toxic levels of cocaine in its system. Some reports claim the bear was seen stumbling and vomiting shortly before being discovered by park rangers who then notified wildlife officials of their findings.

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Is Cocaine Bear a good movie?

This story is now being made into a movie produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay.

The movie takes viewers on an adventure that explores what happened to the drug mule, how he got away with it, and why he chose to drop it in such an unlikely location. The film also shows how local law enforcement tracked down the culprits as well as how they dealt with the aftermath of recovering over 80 pounds of cocaine-laden bear meat from the park. Additionally, interviews with locals provide insight into this bizarre story that still lingers today.

Ultimately, whether or not Cocaine Bear is good depends on personal opinion; however, this movie seeks to explore an eccentric moment in history while providing entertainment along its journey. With narration from Will Ferrell himself and comedic elements throughout, this movie should be one for audiences to remember.

The Lasting Legacy of “Pablo Escobear”

Pablo Escobear, the cocaine-bearing bear of the Appalachian mountains, has become a lasting legacy in popular culture. His story is one that continues to fascinate people and has been featured in various documentaries, television shows and articles. The mysterious circumstances surrounding his demise have left many questions unanswered as to what exactly happened on July 18th 1985 when Pablo was found dead by a hiker in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The Legacy of Pablo Escobear will live on for years to come due to its strange yet captivating tale which often leaves people asking more questions than answers about this beloved creature who risked it all for his final mission. This bear serves as an example of determination and bravery for those willing to take risks for a greater purpose – even if it can be seen as reckless or dangerous at times – ultimately making him an inspirational figure for generations to come!