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The Last Kingdom :’Seven Kings Must Die’ True Story

Welcome to an intriguing article about the true story behind the hit show ‘The Last Kingdom’. We will explore the historical events that inspired this thrilling series and uncover the truth about these seven kings. This article will examine the circumstances surrounding their deaths, analyze how accurate these portrayals are in comparison to history, and delve into how their deeds still resonate today. With this background knowledge, we can gain a better understanding of why ‘The Last Kingdom’ is such a captivating show. Seven Kings Must Die True Story

Seven Kings Must Die True Story, Based On History?

No. The Last Kingdom is based on a series of books, it is important to note that the story itself is not true. Many viewers and readers have been confused about the historical accuracy of the events portrayed in the series, perhaps due to the author’s blending of real historic events with fictional elements.

In reality, The Last Kingdom is a work of fiction that takes place during a time period known as the Saxon Wars in England. While some characters and events may be inspired by historical figures and occurrences, they are not entirely accurate or reliable sources for factual information.

It is important for fans of The Last Kingdom to recognize that while it can be entertaining and educational to learn about history through popular media, these stories should always be taken with a grain of salt. It’s always best to do your own research and rely on reputable sources when seeking out information about real-life events.

The Death of King Alfred

The death of King Alfred marked a significant turning point in the history of England. Alfred, who was known for his military prowess and political acumen, had managed to unite the various Anglo-Saxon kingdoms under his rule. He also played a key role in defending England against Viking invasions, earning him the title “the Great.”

Alfred’s death came after a long illness that had plagued him for many years. Despite his weakened condition, he continued to advise his son Edward on matters of state until the very end. His passing left a void that was felt throughout England and beyond.

In popular culture, the death of King Alfred has been immortalized in various forms, including novels, movies, and TV shows such as “The Last Kingdom.” In this show’s “Seven Kings Must Die” episode depicts how Edward struggled to live up to his father’s legacy amidst multiple threats from powerful enemies both at home and abroad.

Who Makes Up the Seven Kings?

In the historical drama series, The Last Kingdom, “Seven Kings Must Die” is a pivotal moment in the storyline. But who exactly are these seven kings? In this episode, we see the leaders of seven Anglo-Saxon kingdoms come together to form an alliance against the invading Vikings. However, their plan ultimately fails and they are defeated in battle.

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The seven Anglo-Saxon kingdoms were East Anglia, Essex, Kent, Mercia, Northumbria (comprising Bernicia and Deira), Sussex and Wessex. These kingdoms were established after the fall of Roman Britain and lasted until their eventual unification under King Egbert of Wessex in 829 AD. Each kingdom had its own ruler or king who held power over their respective territories.

The Seven Kings must die event was inspired by a real-life battle between Alfred the Great’s forces of Wessex and Viking invaders led by Guthrum in 878 AD. The battle took place near Edington in Wiltshire and resulted in Alfred’s victory over Guthrum’s army. It marked a turning point in the conflict between Anglo-Saxons and Vikings as it forced Guthrum to retreat and sign a peace treaty with Alfred. The Seven Kings’ alliance may not have succeeded on screen but it reflects real historical alliances that were formed during this time period as rulers sought to protect their lands from Viking invasions.

Why is Seven Kings called Seven Kings?

Seofeca, who may have been a local Saxon chief at best, was known to history as one of the seven kings who were executed by the Viking leader Ivar the Boneless. It is unclear whether Seofeca was an independent ruler or a vassal of another king. In 1285, his name appeared in official records as Sevekyngges, implying that he may have been a king or chieftain with some degree of power and influence.

Plot Summary Series

The Last Kingdom is a Netflix series based on Bernard Cornwell’s book series, The Saxon Stories. ‘Seven Kings Must Die’ is the title of the ninth episode in season four. Set in the 9th century AD, it follows Uhtred of Bebbanburg, a Saxon nobleman who was captured and raised by Vikings. In this episode, Uhtred leads his army to attack Winchester, which is under siege by the Danes led by Haesten and Cnut.

Meanwhile, King Edward plans to marry off his sister Aethelflaed to Erik, a Viking warrior from Ireland. However, Aethelhelm and Bishop Heahmund are plotting against them behind closed doors. Back at Winchester, Haesten betrays Cnut and surrenders to Uhtred. This angers Sigtryggr as he had been promised Winchester by Cnut but fails to capture it.

In an unexpected twist towards the end of the episode, we see Sigtryggr reveal his true identity as Ragnar Ragnarsson- son of legendary Viking hero Ragnar Lothbrok- to Brida while they plan their next move against Uhtred and his allies. The cliffhanger creates an exciting anticipation for what happens next in this historical drama series filled with battles and political intrigue that keeps viewers glued to their screens.

Actors and Characters

The show has gained immense popularity over the years, and one of the reasons for this is its incredible actors and compelling characters. Alexander Dreymon plays the leading character Uhtred with his portrayal being described as “dynamic” and “nuanced,” capturing both the vulnerability and strength of his character.

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Other notable cast members include David Dawson, who plays King Alfred with an impressive depiction of his physical frailty and intellectual prowess. Emily Cox also stands out with her exceptional performance as Brida, Uhtred’s former lover turned enemy. The supporting actors are no less talented with Toby Regbo’s Aethelred- a cruel and cowardly king- being one of the most hated characters on television.

The show’s success can also be attributed to how well each actor embodies their respective characters’ personalities—their mannerisms, speech patterns, costumes, and backstories all contribute to creating a fully realized world that audiences can immerse themselves in. It’s no wonder why fans eagerly anticipate each new season to see what twists and turns await their beloved characters.

Stunning Locations of The Last Kingdom

If you are a fan of The Last Kingdom, then you know that the show is set in ninth-century England. The series was filmed in various locations across Hungary and the United Kingdom. Some of the stunning locations that feature prominently include Wiltshire, Winchester, Bristol, and Bath.

One of the most beautiful locations used in The Last Kingdom is Winchester Cathedral. This historic building dates back to 1079 and boasts some incredible Gothic architecture. It features as a location on several occasions throughout the series but is perhaps best remembered for its appearance in Season One when Uhtred seeks sanctuary there.

Another notable location used in filming this epic historical drama is Bristol’s Harbourside. This vibrant area provides an excellent backdrop for many scenes depicting Viking invasions and raids along the River Avon. Its picturesque waterfront has been transformed into bustling medieval ports time and again, making it one of the most recognizable settings on this show.

Reviews and Ratings

Season 4 premiered with an episode titled ‘Seven Kings Must Die,’ which received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike.

While some people praised the episode for its intense battle scenes and emotionally charged moments, others criticized it for being too slow-paced and lacking in character development. Many viewers felt that the show had become too predictable and formulaic, with little innovation from previous seasons. Despite this criticism, many fans of the series still found enjoyment in watching their favorite characters navigate through challenging situations.

Overall, ‘Seven Kings Must Die’ received an average rating of 7.5 out of 10 on IMDb. While not the best-reviewed episode in the series, it still managed to captivate its audience with intense action sequences and emotional moments between characters. As we eagerly await season 5’s release date announcement, we can only hope that the writers continue to push boundaries while maintaining what makes The Last Kingdom such a beloved show among fans of historical dramas.