the movie silenced based on a true story

Silenced: The Movie Based on a True Story, Harrowing Real-Life Tale of School Abuse

Silenced: The Movie Based on a True Story, Harrowing Real-Life Tale is an emotionally powerful documentary that exposes the painful truth of the systemic injustices in South Korea. The film follows the story of a group of hearing impaired students and their families as they fight for justice against an oppressive educational system. It sheds light on the shocking facts about discrimination against people with disabilities, particularly in South Korea’s education system, and tells a tragic story of a fight for basic human rights.

Silenced is a South Korean box office hit that was released in 2011. It is actually an adaptation of a novella written by Gong Ji-young, which recounts the true story of those affected by se*ual abuse in a school for the hearing impaired. The film follows the lives of three teachers and two students who find themselves embroiled in the real-life events of corruption and abuse that had occurred at their school.

Silenced film takes viewers on an emotional journey

As they witness firsthand how these people’s lives have been impacted by this tragedy. Directed by Hwang Dong-Hyuk, Silenced was met with critical acclaim upon its release. It won numerous awards including Best Film from the Korea Film Awards, Audience Choice Award from Busan International Film Festival, and several others.

The film follows a group of young deaf students who endure abuse and neglect from their teachers over the course of several years. It paints an all too real picture of how society fails to protect those who cannot speak for themselves.

When one brave student decides to stand up for himself and his peers, he risks everything to break the silence about what is happening within the school walls. His fight brings together teachers, administrators, parents and government officials who must face uncomfortable truths about their own negligence in allowing such horrific conditions to exist.

The movie follows the life of Kang In-ho (Gong Yoo), a newly appointed art teacher at Benevolence Academy. The school is a deaf school in the fictional city of Muj. The story follows In-ho as he uncovers the dark secrets of his new workplace and attempts to reveal them to the public.

In addition to teaching art classes, In-ho finds himself investigating cases of se*ual and physical abuse against children perpetrated by the faculty and administrators. This brings him into conflict with those in power as they attempt to cover up their crimes and silence him from speaking out about it. Despite numerous obstacles, In-ho continues his fight for justice for the children at Benevolence Academy until his victory is won through an incredible court battle.

Kang In-ho is a dedicated teacher, eager to meet his new students at the small rural school he has been assigned to. But something about this particular school is strange – the children seem distant and aloof, and Kang In-ho can’t help but wonder why.

Little does he know that the answer lies in a harrowing real-life tale of violence and trauma – one which will be brought to life on screen in Silenced, an upcoming film based on true events. The movie follows Kang In-ho as he discovers the truth of what happened at the school: a shocking case of abuse and neglect inflicted upon deaf children by their teachers.

Heartbreaking yet uplifting, Silenced paints a powerful portrait of resilience and courage – proving that even in darkest times, hope can prevail.

In-ho, isn’t deterred from his mission to improve the lives of his students. Even after facing harsh criticism and encountering apathy from some of the children he teaches, In-ho never gives up and continues to strive for better conditions at the school. He cares deeply about each one of the children and does not want them to suffer under an oppressive educational system.

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When the children eventually open up to him, In-ho is moved by their stories of abuse and neglect. He sees first-hand how they are mistreated by their teachers and administrators, which only strengthens his resolve. In-ho makes it his mission to ensure that these kids receive a quality education that will give them brighter futures.

For months, In-Ho has been watching helplessly as the students of his school are subjected to various injustices and abuses. But when one student is assaulted by a teacher, In-Ho decides he can no longer be a passive bystander and takes it upon himself to fight for the rights of all students. With the help of Se, a human rights activist, In-Ho begins an investigation into the crimes being committed at his school.

The pair soon realize that the school’s administration has been complicit in covering up these heinous acts for years – offering bribes and threats in order to silence victims from speaking out. Seeking justice for those who have suffered in silence, In-Ho and Se launch their own campaign against the school authorities to expose their wrongdoings and seek retribution.

Depicts the harrowing real-life tale of Park Mu-yeol and Yoo-Jin. The two passionate activists take it upon themselves to investigate the corrupt principal at Gwangju Inhwa School for disabled children in South Korea. Unfortunately, Park Mu-yeol and Yoo-Jin soon realize that their action is futile as the principal, teachers, police and prosecutors are all complicit in covering up the systematic se*ual abuse of students at the school.

Silenced movie follows protagonists’ battle against formidable odds

Despite suffering severe intimidation from authorities and accusations of libel against them personally, Park Mu-yeol and Yoo-Jin refuses to give up their fight for justice.

When it comes to the topic of criminal justice, movies often present an idealistic view that is far from the reality of what happens day-to-day. The film depicts a true story about corrupt government officials and teachers who subject innocent children with disabilities to psychological and physical abuse in South Korea.

Not only does the movie make viewers question whether justice was served for these victims, but it also highlights an issue that plagues many countries – unequal access to justice depending on a person’s social status or economic standing. Into the bargain, the perpetrators do not falter to lie and bribe their way to be charged with the lightest sentences possible with Jeon-gwan-ye-u (money given as “compensation”).


Gwangju Inhwa School, located in Gwangju, South Korea, was founded in 17 April 1961 and was the first school in the country to cater exclusively to hearing-impaired students. Since its founding, the school has remained a beacon of hope for those with hearing disabilities, offering them an education and a chance at a bright future. However, one particular incident from 1991 would cast a dark shadow over this otherwise hopeful institution.

In 1991, Gwangju Inhwa School experienced a horrendous case of police brutality where nearly twenty police officers entered the school and violently attacked seven teachers and more than fifty students during an alleged drug raid which ultimately turned out to be false.

In the fall of 2005, a shocking investigation revealed that six teachers and the principal at an elementary school in Philadelphia had se*ually assaulted or raped nine deaf-mute students.

Silenced reveals a painful truth: even after decades of progress towards civil rights for disabled people, there remains a need for continued vigilance to ensure that their safety is secured. This powerful documentary serves as an important reminder that all students—whether deaf-mute or not—have a right to attend safe schools where their voices are heard and respected.

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Nine victims who have come forward to tell their harrowing stories of abuse and exploitation, yet more are believed to have stayed silent due to fear or trauma. It’s an eye-opening account into the prevalence of se*ual harassment, abuse and exploitation in our society today.

The police investigation in this case was extensive and uncovered evidence that led to multiple arrests over a period of time. The defendants were charged with various crimes including rape, physical assault, false imprisonment and other acts of violence against vulnerable victims. Despite facing immense pressure from the public and media attention during the trial process, the police officers remained diligent in their pursuit for justice for these victims.

The true story of the Gwangju uprising in South Korea is now being told through a new movie

The movie, Silenced, tells the tale of how students and parents took part in an eight-month sit-in outside their school after the city government and school board failed to act on allegations that children were being abused at the school.

The events depicted in Silenced are based on real life events that occurred in 2011, when parents discovered that their children were being subjected to physical and verbal abuse by teachers at Gwangju’s Miryung Middle School. Despite numerous complaints from students and parents, both the city government and school board refused to take action against those responsible for the abuse.

Desperate for justice, students and parents organized a peaceful sit-in protest which eventually lasted for eight months until authorities finally responded to their demands.

The case was subject to numerous delays and evasions that prevented Park’s family from gaining closure for over two decades. Recently, however, South Korea’s Supreme Court finally sentenced four out of the six perpetrators to prison terms while releasing two others due to an expired statute of limitations. The sentencing brings some vindication for Park’s family but also raises questions about why it took so long for justice to be served in this heart-wrenching case.

In 2014 two people were wrongfully jailed for a crime they did not commit – their terms suspended after less than a year in prison.

Despite their harrowing ordeal, the case drew very little media attention. The individuals, both from low-income backgrounds and lacking legal representation, were not given the justice they deserved and had to spend over 11 months in jail wrongfully accused of a crime.

Silenced tells this story through the lens of fictionalized characters; however it is based on real events that happened to two innocent individuals who have been forgotten by society. It’s an important reminder that those without privilege or power often do not get justice in our current system.

By bringing this case to light and sparking outrage among Korean citizens, Silenced was instrumental in getting the law revised to require all sex crimes against victims aged 18 or under be prosecuted.

The government has promised to lengthen the revised law to cases where the alleged victims are mentally or physically disabled. A sign-language translator is being made available for those who cannot speak or understand English, in order to make sure that their voices can be heard during court proceedings. This is a step forward in providing better justice for victims of abuse and trauma.

The cast and director have been praised for their sensitive portrayal of this tragic event that took place in South Korea eight years ago, raising awareness about hidden injustices all over the world.