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The Best of Tom Brady & Eli Manning Story :Career Retrospective

Tom Brady and Eli Manning will always be remembered as two of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. Their story is one of friendly rivalry, respect, and friendship that has gone down in the annals of football lore. The two quarterbacks have faced each other on the field 24 different times over their careers and have become the faces of their respective franchises. Tom Brady has achieved far more success than Eli Manning overall, but Eli has managed to come out with a win against Tom on several occasions.

They have combined for an impressive nine Super Bowl appearances and seven Super Bowl wins, making them two of the most successful signal-callers in NFL history. This article will take a look back at their respective careers, from their college days through their professional playing days.

Tom Brady’s Career Highlights

Brady is a six-time Super Bowl champion, earning MVP honors four times along the way. His most memorable moment came in 2018 when he led an incredible fourth-quarter comeback against the Atlanta Falcons to win his fifth Lombardi Trophy. He also owns several records, including most passing yards and touchdowns in a season, along with most passing yards and touchdowns over a career.

Eli Manning’s Career Highlights

Eli Manning’s career has been one for the record books. The two-time Super Bowl champion and four-time Pro Bowler has had an illustrious 15 year NFL career with the New York Giants. His list of achievements is long and impressive, from breaking records to changing the face of football in New York City. Here are some of Eli Manning’s best moments over his storied career.

Manning’s first big achievement came in 2011, when he led the Giants to a dramatic victory over the previously unbeaten Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI. This was not only a huge win for Manning and his team, but it cemented his legacy as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. He was also named MVP of that game, cementing his place amongst football royalty even further.

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Record Comparisons

Eli Manning Career Tom Brady
236 Games Played 339
4,895 Completions 8,025
8,119 Pass Attempts 12,386
60.3% Completion % 64.8%
57,023 Passing Yards 92,196
366 Passing Touchdowns 683
4.5% Touchdown Percentage 5.5%
244 Interceptions 213
3.0% Interception Percentage 1.7%
99 Longest Pass 99
7.0 Yards Per Pass Attempt 7.4
6.6 Adjusted Yards Per Pass Attempt 9.3
11.6 Yards Per Completion 11.5
241.6 Passing Yards Per Game 272.0
84.1 Quarterback Rating 97.6
411 Times Sacked 543
2,870 Yards Lost by Sack 3,350
6.3 Net Yards Per Pass Attempt 7.4
5.9 Adjusted Net Yards Per Attempt 9.2
4.8% Sack Percentage 4.2%


Eli Manning (2019) Most Recent Season Tom Brady (2022)
4 Games Played 17
91 Completions 490
147 Pass Attempts 733
61.9% Completion % 66.8%
1,042 Passing Yards 4,694
6 Passing Touchdowns 25
4.1% Touchdown Percentage 3.4%
5 Interceptions 9
3.4% Interception Percentage 1.2%
55 Longest Pass 63
7.1 Yards Per Pass Attempt 6.4
6.4 Adjusted Yards Per Pass Attempt 6.5
11.5 Yards Per Completion 9.6
260.5 Passing Yards Per Game 276.1
94.6 Quarterback Rating 90.7
30 Times Sacked 22
180 Yards Lost by Sack 160
4.9 Net Yards Per Pass Attempt 2.9
4.3 Adjusted Net Yards Per Attempt 6.0
20.4% Sack Percentage 3.0%

source: statspros

Their Impact on the NFL

Tom Brady and Eli Manning are two of the NFL’s most iconic quarterbacks. Both have made a huge impact on the league, winning multiple Super Bowls and receiving numerous awards. During their careers, they have been adversaries on the field but friends off it. This article will take an in-depth look at their respective journeys to becoming two of the best quarterbacks in NFL history; from their draft days to their biggest accomplishments.

Tom Brady was drafted by the New England Patriots in 2000, while Eli Manning was chosen by the San Diego Chargers before being traded to the New York Giants shortly afterwards. The pair have gone on to rewrite NFL records, winning five Super Bowl rings between them – Brady with four and Manning with two. They also have been awarded MVP titles for both regular season play and post-season success.

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Super Bowl Meetings

When it comes to football, Tom Brady and Eli Manning have been two of the greatest quarterbacks in the NFL for almost two decades. The two superstars engaged in some epic battles during their career, with many of them taking place at the biggest stage of all – the Super Bowl. As we look back on a remarkable rivalry between these two players, it’s worth remembering exactly how many times they met in this ultimate contest.

From 2007 to 2011, Brady and Manning faced off against each other four times in total at the Super Bowl. All four meetings were thrilling affairs that will live long in people’s memories. The first clash was one for the ages as Manning won his first championship by leading an impressive second-half comeback against Brady and the Patriots. Their subsequent meetings were also highly competitive, though Brady came out on top three out of four times.

How the Tom Brady-Eli Manning Story Will Go Down in History

The Tom Brady and Eli Manning story is one that will go down in history for generations to come. For 16 years, these two quarterbacks have gone head-to-head, each pushing the other to be their best. With 11 Pro Bowl appearances between them and a combined seven Super Bowl Championships, they have truly set themselves apart from the rest of the National Football League (NFL). Not only have they pushed each other on the field, but they’ve also become close friends off it, showing a mutual respect rarely seen in professional sports.

The rivalry between Brady and Manning began in 2001 when Brady was selected by the New England Patriots in the sixth round of the NFL draft while Manning was taken first overall by the Indianapolis Colts. From there, both have had storied careers with countless highlights both on and off the field.