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True Story of Historical Drama : War Sailor

The true story of a war sailor’s journey has been long-awaited by moviegoers who appreciate a good story. This movie follows the life of a sailor who was sent to war, and portrays the struggles and sacrifices they made while serving our country. Through this film, viewers will gain insight into the hardships and resilience of our brave sailors. It is sure to be an emotional journey as we follow their stories from enlistment to coming home from the war.

Is War Sailor Based on True Story ?

War Sailor is a compelling Norwegian war drama film directed by Gunnar Vikene that portrays the devastating impact of World War II on Norwegian sailors and their families. Set in 1942, the film tells a story of a young sailor who leaves his pregnant wife to join the Merchant Navy and serve as a convoy escort across the Atlantic. The journey takes him through perilous waters where he encounters U-boats, mines, and treacherous weather conditions.

The film is based on true stories of Norwegian sailors who risked their lives during World War II to keep the supply lines open between North America and Europe. Many lost their lives at sea or were taken prisoner by German forces. The movie also highlights the struggles of their families left behind in Norway, facing uncertainty and danger as they wait for news from their loved ones.

War Sailor is an emotional rollercoaster that captures both the bravery and sacrifice of Norwegian war sailors during one of history’s darkest periods. With its stunning cinematography, powerful performances, and authentic portrayal of historical events, it is an essential watch for anyone interested in wartime dramas that bring history to life.

History of War Sailor

War Sailor is a story about the life of a sailor who served in the military during wartime. The story takes place on a battleship where the sailor was stationed, and it follows his journey as he fought for his country. The sailor faced many challenges during his time at sea, including harsh weather conditions, enemy attacks, and long months away from home.

The history of war sailors dates back to ancient times when naval warfare was a common way to conquer lands and expand empires. Sailors played an essential role in these conflicts by operating warships and weapons systems, providing logistical support for troops on land, and engaging in combat with enemy ships. Throughout history, war sailors have been instrumental in major military operations such as World War I and II.

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Today’s modern navy still relies heavily on well-trained sailors who are capable of handling advanced technology while being able to operate efficiently in high-pressure situations. Despite advancements in technology over the years, the importance of skilled sailors cannot be overstated when it comes to maintaining peace and security around the world through naval power projection.

How many episodes of war sailor are there?

The Netflix mini-series “War Sailor” is based on a true story and revolves around the life of Erling Tambs. The Norwegian movie, which was released in 2022 with the same name, garnered critical acclaim for its portrayal of the story. However, the series is an adaptation of the movie and has been split into three episodes.

The story follows Erling Tambs’ journey as a sailor during World War II when he was serving on board a Norwegian cargo ship that was attacked by German submarines. The series depicts his struggle to survive and lead his crew through treacherous waters and enemy attacks. The show also shows how Erling’s actions ultimately led to him being awarded Norway’s highest military honor.

The series received positive reviews from critics who praised its realistic portrayal of war and its effects on individuals. Additionally, viewers were impressed by the show’s cinematography and action sequences that kept them at the edge of their seats throughout each episode. Overall, “War Sailor” proves to be an engaging watch for those interested in historical dramas that showcase bravery in times of crisis.

Meet The Cast

  • Kristoffer Joner : ALFRED GARNES, AKA FREDDY

Freddy, a married man with three kids, was struggling to make ends meet. He searched for months to find a job that could provide him with enough money to support his family. Finally, he landed a job as a sailor on a ship that would take him away from home for several months.

Joner is a Norwegian actor known for his remarkable performances in various movies such as Mission Impossible: Fallout, The Wave, and The Revenant.


Wally and Freddy’s friendship goes way back, even before they joined the navy. They were both born and raised in the same small town in Texas, and their families were good friends as well. Wally was like a big brother to Freddy, always looking out for him and making sure he stayed out of trouble.

Hagen is best known as the lead in the drama series Exit, also has roles in Troubled Water, Kon-Tiki and In Order of Disappearance

  • Ine Marie Wilmann : CECILIA

Cecilia’s husband, Freddy, was a war sailor who had to leave his family behind in Germ. Cecilia was left alone with their three children and all the responsibilities of taking care of their household. She tried her best to make ends meet but it was hard without Freddy’s support. The thought of him being away for a long time made her heart heavy.

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Cecilia’s days were filled with worries and anxieties about how she would manage everything on her own. She had to take care of their children’s education, meals, and other basic needs while also trying to earn a living for the family. It was an overwhelming task for her as she had never done it before.

An Amanda Awards winner for best actress, starred in the films Troll, Sonja: The White Swan and Homesick and in the drama series Exit.

  • Henrikke Lund-Olsen : MAGDELI, AKA MAGGIE

Maggie’s fury was palpable as she expressed her disappointment in her dad for risking his life and being part of such dangerous missions. However, much to Maggie’s surprise, Freddy had landed a long-term job offer following his successful mission with his team. This news seemed to calm Maggie down a bit and made her realize that sometimes one has to make tough choices in order to succeed in life.

War Sailor is Lund-Olsen’s screen debut.

  • Leon Tobias Slettbakk : AKSEL ANDRESEN

The sailor’s name was Jack, and he had just turned 15 when he found himself aboard the ship with Freddy and his crewmates. He was a survivor of a German torpedo attack on his boat, which left him stranded in the middle of the ocean. Luckily, Freddy and his crew spotted him floating in the water and pulled him onto their ship.

  • Alexandra Gjerpen : HANNA WIIG

Hanna was one of the only women on board, but she didn’t let that stop her from being tough and standing up for herself. She quickly gained respect from her shipmates Wally and Freddy, who appreciated her no-nonsense attitude. Despite being young, Hanna had a maturity beyond her years that made her an asset to the crew.

Gjerpen is known for her roles in Norsemen and Unge Iovende.

  • Arthur Hakalathi : KJELL BRAATHEN

Braathen, the third engineer of the merchant ship, was a young sailor who had been conscripted into his service. Despite being passionate about his work and eager to learn, Braathen found himself growing increasingly resentful of his situation. As he watched his friends and peers enjoy their youth on land, he felt trapped in a life that wasn’t meant for him.

Hakalathi was featured in Viking Wolf, The King’s Choice and Ida Tar Ansvar.

How can I watch War Sailor?

Netflix Official Site.